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Sherperd Retirement Plan

It is a pension scheme that gives opportunity to the clergy to have absolute peace of mind by contributing a token towards your pension regardless of the pension plan your church may have for you.

Personal Pension Plan

It is a pension plan which allows individuals in the formal sector to contribute personally towards their pension.

PenTrust Tier 3 Plan

The PenTrust tier 3 Provident Fund Schemes is a Master Trust Voluntary Scheme which is purposely tailored to provide additional income to contributors at retirement.

Entrepreneur Pension Plan

It is a pension scheme that gives opportunity to Enterpreneurs to contribute towards their retirement.

Me Daakye Asetenapa

It Is a pension scheme that ensures that contributors have peace of mind at that time of their life when they are no longer strong and active to work.

PenTrust Tier 2 Scheme

This is a mandatory scheme funded by a 5% from employees’ gross salary.

About PenTrust

PenTrust is a wholly owned Ghanaian Corporate Trustee Company registered with the National Pensions Regulatory Authority to provide pension trustee services under the new pensions Act of 2008, ACT (766).

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