Most people think of retirement as a finish line. In actual fact, retirement is a journey. These days, the average retiree is expected to live longer. This leaves one important question you may be asking yourself—will I have enough to live the life I want in retirement?
Here are some tips and strategies which can help you refine your plan and adjust it based on your changing needs.

Weathering Market Volatility For A Comfortable Retirement: 4 Key Points To Know

Market volatility refers to the daily fluctuation of stock prices. How you prepare for and react to volatility can impact the value of your retirement portfolio.

When you have many years to go until retirement, volatility can be weathered easily. This is because you have more time to recover from possible losses. For those close to retirement however, how volatile the market is poses a real threat. It is therefore important to make sure that your retirement plans are designed to help reduce the risks associated with market volatility.

Save For Retirement Now!

After working hard for years, who doesn't want to enjoy doing the things they couldn’t do when they were working. That’s why it's important to have a saving-for-retirement plan now—even if retirement is years and years away. Read these real life stories for inspiration and encouragement.

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